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Matcha Set The Perfect Gift for Tea Lovers, Personalized Matcha Bowl With Bottom Design

Matcha Set The Perfect Gift for Tea Lovers, Personalized Matcha Bowl With Bottom Design

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🍵 Welcome to our collection of matcha bowls!
Our bowls are the perfect addition to any matcha lover's collection.
Whether you are just starting out with matcha or are a seasoned pro, our bowls are designed to enhance your matcha experience.

💚 Sip your matcha in style with our personalized matcha bowl!
This unique bowl features a custom design at the bottom that you can personalize with your name, favorite quote, or special message.

🍵Each of our matcha bowls is designed with functionality in mind.
The wide, shallow shape of the bowl makes it easy to whisk and enjoy your matcha. While the smooth, glazed surface is easy to clean.

💚 In addition to our matcha bowls, we also offer a bamboo whisk, a chasen holder, a chashaku.
Our bamboo whisk,is an essential tool for whisking matcha powder and hot water together to create a frothy and delicious beverage.
Our bamboo scoop, or chashaku, is also an important tool for measuring out the perfect amount of matcha powder for each serving.
Our chasen holder,is an essential tool for placing bamboo whisk.

Matcha Bowl:11.5cm*8cm
Bamboo Whisk:2.5cm*10cm
Chasen Holder:3.2cm*5.1cm*7.1cm
Chashaku/Bamboo Scoop:17cm

🍵 When you purchase a matcha bowl from us, you can expect a high level of quality and craftsmanship.
We take pride in our products and are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience.
Whether you are a matcha beginner or a seasoned pro, we have the perfect bowl to suit your needs.

💚 Our matcha bowls make a wonderful gift for any tea lover or as a treat for yourself. They are also a beautiful addition to any kitchen or tea collection.

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