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Deep-sea Series, Personalized Coral Jewelry Dish

Deep-sea Series, Personalized Coral Jewelry Dish

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The deep sea series mug is my new design, This is original and unique design.
I want to use ceramics as the carrier to highlight the ocean landscape.
Two completely different materials are combined with each other through exquisite craft, presenting a unique style perfectly.
This blue plate represents the color of the deep sea, where coral grows.
If you look closely, there is some sand at the bottom of the coral, which presents a natural view of the ocean floor.
You can hang your jewelry on the branches of the coral, which will make your jewelry look more gorgeous.
Wherever this jewelry dish is placed, it is a gorgeous decoration.
Corals and ceramics are bonded by resin.The curing process takes 8 hours.So they're very strong.
Gorgeous jewelry needs to be placed in a beautiful jewelry dish.
Each one is handmade, beautiful and unique.
This unique gift of the world represent her unique position in your heart.

Approximate Size:
Diameter: 4.72 in/ 12 cm H: 1.57 in/4 cm


When it starts to be shipped, it will takes about 13 days (Or faster) to reach your hands.

❖How it's made
- The specially made glaze melts at high temperature, forming crystals and binding to the surface of the mug.
- Individually glazed, making each one unique and wonderful in it's own way.
- It was fired in a high temperature furnace for 18 hours.(1220°C/ 2228 F)

❖The best gift for her/him
-Most important of all: It is unique.
-Many customers like to use my pottery as a gift because it is unique and everyone uses it every day.
-My pottery uses a special method to blend the glaze, so this is the only cup in the world.
-This is your exclusive. It is beautiful and practical.

❖Packaging & Shipping:
-With years of experience in safe packaging, it can reach your hand safely.
-If any damage happens in transit, please contact me with pictures of item and packaging, and your item will be replaced.
-When it starts to be shipped, it will takes about 13 days to reach your hands.
-We provide a tracking number. You can always ask me about progress.
-I offer gift wrapping, if you would like this option please select at checkout. There will be an additional charge.

❖Custom & Personalized orders:
I can customize and personalize any item in my shop!
If you would like this option, please contact me before you order.
I love to hear new ideas from my customers. ( *^_^* )
I would love to make the perfect customized item just for you!

Thank you for your visit. ( *^_^* )

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