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Ceramic Dishes, Handmade Personalized Pottery Sauce Dish

Ceramic Dishes, Handmade Personalized Pottery Sauce Dish

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All of the pottery at Utopia Life is food safe and handmade.

A lead free porcelain glaze is used in their creation.

All of my pottery is food, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

Approximate Size :
Lotus leaf: Height 30mm Width: 110mm
Lotus: Height 20mm Width: 113mm

There are two styles for you to choose.
One like a lotus leaf, the other like a lotus flower.
Blue like the night sky, with lotus leaves, lotus pattern, looks very charming.
It's a very unique dish! Unique tableware.
Every plate is different, and it is your own. Every day you can find its magical color changes.

You can also customize it for your friends or family, and I can help you write letters at the bottom of the plate.
In any case, is it a perfect and unique piece of art.
The glaze began to melt and flowed into a variety of colors at high temperatures.(1220°C/ 2228 F)

❖What is not
- Not made with molds,so each one is different in detail.
- Not mass-produced ware
- Not stove-top safe (or any direct heat)

❖How it's made
- Wheel-thrown on the potter's wheel.
- Individually glazed, making each one unique and wonderful in it's own way.
- It was fired in a high temperature furnace for 18 hours.(1220°C/ 2228 F)

❖The best gift for your friends and family
-Many customers like to use my pottery as a gift because it is unique and everyone uses it every day.
-My pottery uses a special method to blend the glaze, so this is the only one in the world.
-This is your exclusive. It is beautiful and practical.
-This unique mug of the world represent his/her unique position in your heart.
(Please let me know if you need me to write a note.)
-I will express my most sincere feelings by hand writing.

❖Packaging & Shipping:
-With years of experience in safe packaging, it can reach your hand safely.
-If any damage happens in transit, please contact me with pictures of item and packaging, and your item will be replaced.
-When it starts to be shipped, it will takes about 13 days to reach your hands.
-We provide a tracking number. You can always ask me about progress.

❖Custom & Personalized orders:
I can customize and personalize any item in my shop!
If you would like this option, please contact me before you order.
I love to hear new ideas from my customers. ( *^_^* )
I would love to make the perfect customized item just for you!

Thank you for your visit. ( *^_^* )

Utopia Life Studio

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